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Discussions - Public / Re: so how is the economy?
« Last post by JoFrance on June 10, 2018, 01:52:23 pm »
That's very true, unix.  I get ebay emails now pushing products that I never got over the past few years.  My house gained a little value.  There are a lot more jobs, but I don't think we'll see any kind of dramatic recession.  Maybe a mild one that puts the brakes on a little.
I love that article, Gorn!  It is so true.  The last small business I worked for was a small tech shop.  The owner knew something about tech, but he hired experts to do the work.  I think he was an HR person, so he was skilled at picking out the right contractors and making money off of them when he placed them and for every hour they worked.  He was the social butterfly that belonged to all kinds of associations.  His function in the business was about making and maintaining contacts, not doing the work.

It was also helpful to him that he had a corporate background in HR, so he knew how to compete for placing contractors in big business.  Socially, he maintains a higher profile in the community, knows everyone of importance, etc.  A lot of local, smaller businesses used him for managed small network backups and monitoring.  It's an excellent business model, but it never would have worked if he didn't maintain all of his relationships.  He even maintained the fire department network in his town.  Is that the greatest contact ever, or what?

One thing I would add is you have to be truly committed to be in business.  Be the business.  My father had his own business.  It was a truck repair shop.  He was a cross-country truck driver for many years and knew a lot people in his circle.  He was very social.  Then, he started his own business and worked day and night building contacts.  He had his own garage and knew everyone in town.  He was a true wheeler dealer.

My sister had a clothing store she was part owner in.  She had three other partners.  One was a friend and the other two were money men, basically.  It was a good deal for her for about 10 years.  She didn't make a killing, but did ok and got to pick out all the clothes they sold.  She has good taste and was always a very social person.  That business model though is fraught with problems because you don't have full control.  If you're ok with that, the shared resources make owning a business easier.

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Udemy
« Last post by unix on June 08, 2018, 11:54:16 am »
All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Can't post an image to this board? Explanation.
« Last post by The Gorn on June 07, 2018, 04:10:28 pm »
I've never even provided a reliable WYSIWYG text box on this forum.
All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Can't post an image to this board? Explanation.
« Last post by JoFrance on June 07, 2018, 03:14:57 pm »
I'm going to try imgur.  I've used it in the past on occasion.  No drag and drop on this site?  I must have done it with Photobucket then.
Discussions - Public / Re: so how is the economy?
« Last post by unix on June 07, 2018, 12:50:40 pm »
I've come to realize, some years ago that there is nothing good about a boom and a recession isn't all that bad. Maybe the opposite.

 Boom times:
    * Everything gets more expensive
     * Real estate goes into the stratosphere
      * Everyone has jobs


   * Sales sales sales on everything - including real estate
    * Deals everywhere on things.

Just yesterday Ebay had a 20% off on everything sale. To stimulate the economy. You know why? 'cause people ain't buying.

Anytime you see massive sales on things, you know a recession is either right here, right now or just around the corner

Discussions - Public / Re: so how is the economy?
« Last post by The Gorn on June 07, 2018, 08:55:40 am »
I've always considered the area around me here in SW Ohio near Cincinnati to be semi-depressed. BUT, we've observed home sale closings that are far higher than I'd expect.

I bought my current house (at the time a bit of a dump, and around 1000 SF) for $83K in 1994. It has a basement. Since then we've totally updated it.

A house of similar age and size, no basement, no detached garage, with a nice looking flagstone exterior, a few houses up the street recently went for $179K.

This street is middle blue collar. Kind of amazes me what people around here with the shitty wage scales here can afford.

I read a day ago or so that analysts expect VERY strong home price inflation due to rising costs of lumber and supply demand, particularly at the low level. In other words those dumpy blue collar houses will be rising the fastest in price.

I think the overvalued stock market has to do with it. I get postcard ads from investors to buy our house. Therefore rental housing investment is helping to drive lower end home prices.

Those prices nudge higher priced houses upward, too. a $179K house around here 10 years ago was in a NIIICE new development. Now it's on this older street.
Discussions - Public / Re: so how is the economy?
« Last post by ilconsiglliere on June 07, 2018, 04:55:33 am »
You cant believe anything from the Federal Reserve. These are the same people that have the most bizarre inflation and unemployment calculations known to man. They literally make no sense. Realize that that the Fed has caused every recession and depression via them messing with the money supply.

Here in the PRNJ (People's Republic of NJ) I am not seeing any recovery at least not in IT. The IT job market here has been stagnant for years. It has never stopped being stagnant. Basically everywhere you go now the entire IT department is foreigners.

Though my client has recently posted external job ads. I was told that they got 3000 resumes for 5 openings. I submitted on one and got nothing even though I work there. I know the Wall Street guys (traders and investment bankers) are doing very well. Not so the IT people though in their companies.

What I am seeing though is the real estate market is very hot. I have some friends that are realtors and as soon as a house is put on the market people are bidding them up. The market here for houses that are below 600K is crazy. A normal sized house (not a mcmansion) in a very good town will sell in literally 3-4 days. Even houses in not as good towns are selling quick. A lot of this is being driven by millennials and speculators.

Realize that the cost of houses in NJ is very high relative to most of the country except for places like CA and DC which it seems to be about the same.
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