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Generation zero
The difference is that the media isn't a self published model, and most social media gives the impression that it's a "common carrier". 10-15 years ago people were MUCH more opposed to censorship on communications channels than they are today ... there was still a core of web and tech elders around who were into free speech years ago. Now that the millennial kids have taken over society, censorship is cool.
But how is this any different than the TV and newspapers? They dont tell the truth either and its been widely known for decades that they slice and dice the stories to fit the narrative that they want to push. There is tons of articles in preeminent newspapers that routinely distort the truth. Is there a truth scale for them?

The real difference is that the internet has democratized the media. Any tard with a smart phone can make a video and post it on the web. The elite HATE this.

On top of this who gets to decide what is the "truth"? Who is appointed the czar of media truthfullness?
I never heard of Jerry Weinberg before today, but it looks like he made a significant contribution to programming and software development.  People like him had great ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Gerald Marvin (Jerry) Weinberg (October 27, 1933 - August 7, 2018) was an American computer scientist, author and teacher of the psychology and anthropology of computer software development. His most well-known books are The Psychology of Computer Programming and Introduction to General Systems Thinking. He passed away on August 7, 2018.
Do I gotta research everything?

What's alternative to Ebay?

and youtube?
If you're a smart person and not a stupid normie, you just understand implicitly that the current censorship wave affecting any conservative speech on social media is a bad thing.

If you are unaware of this and its sweeping consequences, or you wrongly believe that it's a good thing because the crazies are being muted, please do this - you don't deserve to live and you are one of many helping destroy democracy and the rule of law.

All in fun... not really... you have to be pretty dumb to not get it.

Top "alt" sharing and social sites:

Gab.Ai - a Facebook lookalike I described in the political section. Has an EXTREMELY strong white supremacist contingent, however.

Bitchute - a video sharing site. This uses Bittorrent like bandwidth sharing, so when you watch videos, you also help distribute video data to other online users. - Another social media site modeled on Facebook but secure. Just go there and read the FAQ.

Many of them offer the users and content creators crypto currency payment just for participating.

Post any observations or experiences to this thread, please.
He had it right. 

Posted by David Randolph, who is apparently not inclined to darken our shores again ever:

YouTube has a big problem. I have not seen anyone discuss it yet.

Right now, people can rate the videos that are posted and obviously, those videos with more likes are displayed more for people to watch.

But there is no way to judge the correctness of any video. People are making all sorts of claims, posting Jidhadism propaganda, or "proofs" that man and dinosaurs co-existed. Thus, ISIS videos and other wild claims can be passed on with no challenge.

There is no way for people to protest against the content of the videos - to declare that it contains false information. The comments section is too limited and does not affect the rating of a video or its presentation to new "victims".

YouTube needs editors. Not necessarily people to remove videos, but people who can put a truthfulness rating on any video.
Or it needs a way to post contrary videos that are connected to the original.

(I ran into this while looking for learned discussions on southwest archeology.)


DR called it over 2 years ago.

Today it's "oh noes, Russia Russia Russia Youtube Conspiracies Silence Alex Jones REEEEEE".
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