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Moved because the PUBLIC section is just that and this appears to be a confidential situation.

By the geniuses behind The Onion.

The application for membership is hilarious.

This video is a good overview. LOL at the Neo-Nazi and the Russian troll.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

I'll probably leave it as is for the time being. She doesn't do anything heavy duty on it. Facebook games are the most activity the memory and CPU see.

It has 8 GB currently as 2 x 4. I think it does max out at 32 GB.

I had one glitch setting up WIndows 10. It got stuck in a loop of displaying an error box saying that the system must be restarted. (Apparently having Micro Center power it up and then shut it down before Windows began to activate screwed up the self install slightly.) I searched and found a fix. Amazingly, the command window is available (shift F10) even before installation starts, and you run Regedit and change one value in the local machine tree. Rebooted after that and installation completed. I hand it to MS for not forcing the user to reboot and enter some weird key gesture with perfect timing at startup just to get a repair disk booted in order to make a fix like this.

The only bloat I removed was McAfee and three different language version stubs of Office 365. I set her up with Office Libre which is basically more or less Word 2003.

Good points. Except...

4. Install Linux

Didn't yah catch that this is my WIFE'S computer? Just no, dude.... With all of the shit I have to do around here, no way I will add that education and training to the mix. My wife is a normie, not a deluded computer person like one of us who makes this crap their hobby.

I have struggled and still occasionally struggle to keep this 97% OK operating system (Mint) workable for me (meaning 3% is pure shit, like desktop settings that change on their mother fucking own without any updates involved.)  Linux could be pretty much perfect but it will always have the stench of stupid geeks who tinker and break working stuff just for resume bullet points along with butt headed developers who create confusing config messes.

I won't inflict this on my wife. She would be hounding me constantly for fixes and help.

Anyway - I went back to Micro Center. They refunded a lordly $20 for the inconvenience to my wife's Discover card and swapped the PC. Additionally, they had a bench technician open up the case for me to examine the components to make certain it was what we paid for.

This particular box seemed to be super, super clean, with no dents or exterior blemishes, and super clean inside.  (I read one review of refurbs on Amazon from some guy who described the refurb PC he got smelling like curry, specifically tikka masala, and it reeked and he had to air it out in an outside work area so he could tolerate it indoors. :) )

I was angling for more like $40 off but I also didn't want to cut my nose off despite my face, This deal was OK and I was already there and had sunk the time.  If they had not given me any discount I would have taken the refund and walked but still would have the problem of selecting a PC. So I accepted it.

The box is an HP 8300 with an Intel 3rd generation i5 CPU (3470, 3.2 ghz, quad core). The desktop feels pretty lively. Faster than her previous i3 from 2012 with Windows 7. The hard drive was dated March 2015 so the computer is relatively new.

That article is talking about suspending support for "Clover Trail CPUs" which appear to be a mobile processor from around 2012. Also Atom processors.

In other words MS is dropping Windows 10 support for the very lowest end processors.

There seem to be a shit ton of these particular HP models available as refurbished so I can't believe they will go obsolete and unsupported for another 2+ years. I have a gut feeling this is a safe purchase.

I'll also note that my wife's last computer was a Dell Vostro 260 purchased new for Christmas 2012, and it just stopped being able to boot anything larger than a Memtest 86 disk,  for no good reason.

I've never had an HP business class computer before. I am very impressed by the case's construction quality and the modularity.

Only problem is, windows 7 is almost EOL. I want a bit of future proofing.

Thanks for your experiences.

All Technology & Tech Help / PS
« on: June 18, 2018, 08:42:09 pm »
No need to go into warranty standards for refurbs, or the issues of how the OS powers up. I just watched a video of a guy showing how to make certain that the system is running a "factory sealed" install of Windows 10 rather than inheriting an unknown-quality existing install has been set up for "Preferred Customer". I also know that warranties are much shorter on average and we'll need to buy SquareTrade or something for coverage.

My wife's 2012 vintage Windows 7 Dell Vostro PC fried this last weekend. Mainly it's for Facebook, occasional Word/writing, and email.

So she needs a new computer. (I'll start a second thread about the fried PC. It's a peculiar situation I have never seen before.)

What experience do any of you have with refurbished PCs with Windows pre-loaded?

She's open to Windows 10 and I think that would be a good move to have one current OS in the house.

We went out this weekend and actually bought a refurb at a Micro Center.

But I am returning the SOB tomorrow because I am not happy that the machine's reported specs when started do not match the stated sales specs.

This unit:

(Set your store to Sharonville, Ohio if it doesn't show inventory or the device.)

The system WE received, when booted, showed a 160 GB hard drive (confirmed as a WD model starting with WD1600... that is only 158,000,000,000 bytes)
and only 4 GB of ram.

The box was supposed to have 8 GB ram and 500 GB hard drive.  Curiously the box the PC was packaged in from the refurb place showed 8GB and 500GB. Apparently the refurb place is either bait-and-switching or made an honest and sloppy mistake.

Out of curiosity I went on Amazon and found multiple marketplace deals from certified refurb places for the same configuration and model of PC but with a 1 or 2 TB drive, for $185. About 45 less for the same or more system. We can certainly wait 2 days for shipping.

I'm pissed with Micro Center over this and they will have to earn my business back.

Can someone advise if a refurb is a good proposition for a light home user who would prefer to keep the computer for at least 5 years? I know that I can't even buy a bare hard drive, mobo, and CPU for this price much less a copy of Windows 10. New is out of the question for her use and our budget. I'm having to replace a lot of electronic shit in our house at the same time and I want to put as little as I can into this.

These are off-lease machines leased by businesses. I noticed at a doctor's office today that the nurse had exactly the same low-profile PC on the floor under the desk that this thing is. They must be sold or leased by the millions.

So, can we buy a refurbished PC with confidence that it will last at least 3+ years? At this price level I expect some "Kleenex" like dynamics  but if it lasts longer, great.


F*CK these people in the face with a broken bottle.

I'll have to remember that!  >:D

Than I heard a story from a guy whom said he was billing a client $260 per hour direct bill. He said they were getting stock options, benefits, vacation, blah, blah + they work at home. I asked him what the product, skill set and geographic location. The guy wouldnt answer me which tells me he is full of shit.


If he receives even half what he's claiming, the fact that he won't say anything specific makes him an utterly commonplace, typical IT type, and that includes past colleagues who have been on this board.

"I earn a high rate but I'll never, ever share anything useful with you so you can improve your own circumstance. I have a personal religion of not helping, even if you've helped me in the past, sorry."

Let the Indians take over the industry in the US.The hell with "our" kind.

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Udemy
« on: June 11, 2018, 06:36:50 am »
This bout of spending caused me to look in more detail at the stuff I already owned just laying there. I'm now going through one course I probably bought 2-3 years ago. (The basics of marketing to small business, which I've finally realized I know almost nothing about.)

These courses are pretty watchable through a Fire TV even though there is no dedicated app. I installed the Silk browser, logged into Udemy through it, and when I click to watch a video it fills the screen.

ilconsigliere,your anecdote about being courted for a job by that three letter car company makes perfect sense in this way:

As an employee you're rewarded for being in the template of the values of the business and for being an enthusiast and a techie in the business's line of work.

As a startup business owner, this tendency shoots you directly in the foot. You need to drop the great skills at --- cars, racing, car mods --- and take care of all the other crap that a car related business requires. While still selling excellent products.

This blog post and the "E-Myth" are both about retaining that love of subject matter when you start your own business. You have to let it go a bit if you want that business.

If you do that as an employee, you're looked on as burning out or alienated.

Point taken about the autism, ilconsigliere. :D But you know weaponized autism is a powerful force that serves your own fascist interests, too. :P

So I guess I communicated the core ideas well.

Guys, here's the deal with this article. I stated this and nobody really picked up on it.

This article is not intended specifically as helpful. It basically describes a problem that all small business owners must eventually deal with when they run a business that uses their own core talent.

This article is chicken soup for the overwhelmed small business owner.

I want visitors to get the idea that I'm on their side, I "get" how hard their chosen life is, and I'm here to help.

That alone, that in itself is my slimy agenda with this article. Not to clone "The E-Myth" ideas. I'm just using the E-Myth as a platform for this feelgood material.

I also wanted to agitate with envy and irritation by describing the dumb a$$-ho**s who earn so much more by being superficial sales types in the same lines of work.

And then reel the reader back in to reality by telling them how they can start to dig out.

I'm not writing this article for my freaking health or for writing brownie points. I want to "touch" my possible customers with the idea that I'm in their corner and I "get it."

I assume it does that, at least partially. What do you think?

Discussions - Public / Re: so how is the economy?
« on: June 10, 2018, 07:08:49 pm »
Of course you guys are smart enough to know that:

Recession, depression and other measures of economic health are broad judgements of the overall economy's state.

In a recession a lot more people are out of work. Unix and I know about this first hand. So those savings on slightly depressed product prices are theoretical because a larger part of the public can't afford anything anyway.

In a recession, business investment slows down dramatically so there is less momentum yet for hiring.

If I have a wad of money in the bank or an assured job, then hell yes, a recession is good news.

If I really need a job during a recession, not so much.

In boom times, everything just seems easier. Even at an individual level.

Your own stocks are rising, and your job feels more secure, so you can relax and buy what you need, albeit at slightly higher prices.

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Udemy
« on: June 10, 2018, 06:50:59 pm »
Thanks for the information about this sale.

Ok, I just stocked up on four different Udemy courses - all marketing and biz dev related.

I already had four almost unwatched courses in my Udemy account.

The next time you post a link to a sale on Udemy the first course I buy will be "doing your own 12-step program to recover from course buying addiction."

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