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Discussions - Public / Re: Ok, So I Made Some Changes!
« on: Today at 11:30:34 am »
I love the blinking cursor at the top.

You could do like the POWs did at the Hanoi Hilton.  They complied with their captor's interviews (to avoid torture), but were completely emotionless so anyone back home could see they were just being zombies with nothing going on inside.

Thats great!

I am an hourly contractor, you know the lower than a cockroach variety  >:D . The kind that hides when you turn on the lights.  ;D .

What you are saying could very well be true. I would not put anything past any company now. Any of the things you suggested could be true - using it for anything from advertising to evaluating people (picking out the bad seed).

They have this internal social media thing named Yammer which is all but dead. Nobody uses it after they spent tons of money on it. Get real, people dont want to use social media at work for work.

Supposedly the reason that they want to do run them during a section of a town hall meeting. Team building, employee engagement. Blah, blah.

Have you ever heard of the term "employee engagement"?

I saw this when I was at one company being used as a weapon against the employees. They actually had books for the managers on how to manipulate the employees.

I am not doing the video. Its an invasion of my privacy. I dont want to share my life with people I dont know nor leave a digital video trail to be used against me by others.

Discussions - Public / Re: Ok, So I Made Some Changes!
« on: Today at 08:29:35 am »

I got an email a few weeks ago from one of the higher ups asking that each of us make a 1 minute to 5 minute video bio of ourselves. They told us that the video is voluntary but they would like everyone to do it. After several weeks and being sent to 150+ people only 10 people have done it. I found these statements in the original email hysterical:

" If you are able to do a 1 minute to 5 minute video"
" Employees + Contractors – We all are ONE Team "
" Especially for Contractors who will NOT be at this event "

Daily reminder - I am not perm, dont get benefits, dont get vacation and the only reason I am here is for $$$. I am not your "friend". I will be on your team till the day you decide you dont want to pay me any longer. Than poof, just like that I am not there any longer and am no longer your "friend".

This morning I got another email that they were giving us one more chance to do it by extending the deadline 3 days. That was followed by an email stating that they wanted 75% participation.

Can this guy take the hint - NOBODY wants to do it. Not the employees and definitely not the contractors. Here is the list of what they want with my responses:

Introducing yourself stating –

o   Who you are

If you don’t know who I am then we’re in bigger sh*t than I thought

o   What area and project you support

If you don’t already know this then we don’t work together and it doesn’t matter

o   Where are you based out of

Uh, 1. check the corporate directory, 2. why does it matter since everything is ‘global’ anyway?

o   One interesting fact about you

I seriously dislike “fake” networking via social media and especially video.

o   Your hobbies and/or your passion and if time permitting

Uh, I don’t have any time for hobbies and if I did I wouldn’t share them with colleagues I’ve never met in person let alone tell them in a video that could end up who knows where in which to be trolled

o   Why you enjoy working here

Uh, I don’t actually enjoy working here. Show me 1 person who does and I’ll show you someone who is more fake than network news.

This is basically forced social networking. I am not doing it as I have concerns of what may happen with the video. No thanks. As we all know, once you post something online you lose all control of the content.


Reminds me of "Who Moved My Cheese?"  I worked at a company where they made everybody read this, the idea being that everybody should be working like an entrepeneur... for the company. Bet they never thought some employees might think they might as well become an entrepenuers for themselves!

"Who Moved My Cheese" was the most patronizing, demeaning load of f***ing horse shit to hit the career mentoring scene!

An adult's terror at their life's economic foundation crumbling is reduced to a cute fairy tale and they're made to feel broken.

F*** everyone who pushed this book!  Assholes. >:( >:D

Its garbage. I read it and it made me feel like shit. As I tell people that parrot that crap - have your job outsourced, get laid off and than bring in foreigners on visas. Let me know how you like it.

ilconsiglliere wrote:
Sounds to me like they need an anti-trust action against them.

Here's and article that addresses that point more thoroughly.

The real issue with corporate censorship

The reason that Google, Twitter and Facebook have censorship power is that they have become so big that they overwhelm the internet.  They are near monopolies.  Businesses who depend on them for income have nowhere else to go when Google or Facebook arbitrarily ban them.  The real solution is to break giants up into several smaller businesses, thereby creating real competition and alternative places for banned dependent businesses to go.  Real competition would sharply limit their power of censorship.

As the author wrote:
"The real issue isn't that someone decides to banhammer someone else.  It's that market power has been allowed to accumulate in a small number of hands, which is not supposed to happen by design but it has because anti-trust laws have been ignored by the government."

They are defacto monopolies and should be treated as such. That means they should either become highly regulated or broken up ala Ma Bell.

If your revenue depends on these people than by definition you are entirely dependent on them.

Here is something to think about - the govmt decided that a bakery had to bake a cake for gays even though they did not want to. Yet on the other hand these organizations are ALLOWED TO DISCRIMINATE against anyone.

So please explain the difference to me?

Thanks as always for your support and encouragement, Jo.

I'm glad you allow a walled off political area because I know a lot of people can't handle that Trump won. 

I think it's somewhat like this: a majority of posters to the politics section here are right wing. When a majority takes over a discussion forum, it removes the oxygen for any debate or dissent.

I'd rather not assign blame publicly for failure of one side or another to engage thoughtfully. It just renews the politics based anger.

After all, that's what the politics forum is for, to gossip about everyone who doesn't agree with us. J/k  >:D  :D

I understand why you did it. Its fine.

FTE, Job and Career Discussion / Re: What is DevOps?
« on: March 07, 2018, 08:11:53 am »
Uhhh... Anyone for building WordPress websites?  :P

What a pile of shit! (Devops, that is.)

Nobody has enough money to do that shit.

FTE, Job and Career Discussion / Re: What is DevOps?
« on: March 07, 2018, 08:02:47 am »
It looks like just another spin on agile development.   I have been in agile shops and it is the most overrated methodology I have ever seen.  Rather than making development times shorter, agile makes a complete mess of the development cycle.  Many more people are involved than need to be so the cost skyrockets instead of going down.

Another aspect of agile is the daily standups.   What a complete waste of time.  Far too many meetings.   They prevent a developer from getting into a productive zone where most of the actual work gets done.

The bank I am consulting at right now has chosen the biggest project they have ever done to go agile.   And nobody has real experience in the agile methodology.   The agile output that they hand to developers will be a steaming pile of crap.    The developers will throw it in the trash and ask for actual specifications they can use.

Ultimately this project has a good chance of getting canceled because of their inability to get any actual work done.

Agile, including Devops, might work on small projects but it definitely has severe limitations.

Everything you wrote is dead on. Agile blows. We do it where I am now but I changed it to only quasi-agile. The daily standups were hated by everyone so I stopped doing it. We only have like 2 meetings per week and I let the developers decide what they want in each sprint. I work in a very highly regulated environment so I had to overlay waterfall on top of agile due to the regulatory requirements. It was tough in the beginning but we run pretty smooth now. Full blow agile though? NO THANKS. Agile is basically about micro management of the developers and everyone else.

When I did financial services Devops was a combination of development and production support. I have not seen Devops in other industries outside of financial services. Its a nightmare from what I saw. Basically the developers were expected to code and be production support monkeys simultaneously. Most didnt last long because the stress was totally out of control. Picture trying to code and at the same time they are up your butt about some production problem. You cant focus and you have people breathing down your neck all the time. This is why I stopped coding.

I have noticed that each industry has seized on their own sets of lingo and development nonsense. For example when I did financial services they were totally jacked on ITIL. I had never heard of ITIL prior to this. It definitely wasnt used in telecom or DoD. Not in the work I did anyway. And like most of these methodologies ITIL BLOWS. I have seen Six Sigma in more than a few companies but it usually doesnt filter down to far because again its one of those things that only makes sense in certain situations.

This got overlooked with the sidebar on fraudulent hiring of guest workers. Because my ego is the size of a f*cking bus I will repost.  >:D

I say that in order to be credible when looking for work you need the following. This is for I D who is the main questioner here currently but I would surmise that a salty old dog like Pxsant already knows this quite well.


When I did SW contracting my best successes were in fairly tightly defined language+platform+project type domains. I wasn't everything to everyone. I was something very specific to the rare but extant places that needed that combination of interests.

Example of a successful schtick/niche that lasted me for about 10 years from 93 to about 2005: C++ language; Windows OS with Borland and then Visual Studio tools as platform; Windows application rewrites as the project type.

I believe that Pxsant should figure out a similar triad of qualities for best success in locating a post-retooling job, not just figure that learning Java expertly will open doors.  But he already knows that...

This is just as and even more important as a job search principle in looking for software development jobs as the learning and online courses and sample apps.

Why: practically EVERY job you see listed is described like this:

The software engineer will be responsible for [building specific kind of app] on [operating system and development toolchain] with [computer languages].

I totally distrust job ads that don't somehow cover all three points. If all three attributes aren't listed, the job ad is too generic to be real. They are usually bogus headhunter/agency ads, or some neophyte / loser business that doesn't know what it's doing at all.

It's very effective targeting. When I had all three concepts lined up and in alignment with a job's requirements, I usually got an offer on the spot or at least was told "give us your rate, and please hurry, we need you."

In my own case the platform and languages used in most of industry drifted away from what I knew, and I lacked interest in tooling up again for it.

I agree what you wrote here about the three point. Unless they are specific they are just fishing for resumes. The same thing applies to project management, business analysis and other work.  I ended up doing PM/BA because I got tired of trying to retool in the language of the month. PM/BA is a lot more stable from a skillset perspective.

Another big buzzword now is agile/scrum. Its the big holy grail at the moment. Now I am a scrum master ;) . Same pig different lipstick  >:D

Based on the projects that I am involved,  the stuff that is red hot now is the following: Mathematica, R, NONMEM, PSN, Monolix, SAS - I have yet to encounter any body shop kind of people. Its all about computational computing and they PAY.

"Americans enter the job market with the mindset that its open, fair AND HONEST."

There is nothing fair and honest about the US job market, especially with HR acting as gatekeepers.  They are a huge obstacle in the way of having your resume in front of the hiring manager.

It is pretty easy to verify employment history and references on people who live and work in the US.  Verifying anything on H1B's and people who just got off the boat is virtually impossible.  It could take weeks to months to get verification back and the US HR drones know that so they don't bother.  So foreigners have a clear advantage - aside from the low cost to the employer.

So you have to learn how to work the system to get past HR and to the hiring manager where you at least have a chance.

Agree with everything you wrote.

I dont think companies will hire you with just book/e-learning. They want to see that you do that exact skill/language/technology on your last job. If you dont have it, they will pass you by. Your resume needs to be an exact match. I have seen this over and over in my own job hunting.

My friend was at some in-person class (some Big Data Oracle thing I believe) last year. He was the only non-Indian in the class. The class was even taught by an Indian. There was no hostility toward him (racial problems) but they generally ignored him.

Regardless all these people were fresh off the boat, knew nothing and their resumes were total fabrications. As in outright lies. They were here on H1B. As the class was being taught the instructor would tell them that your resume has to match the job EXACTLY. He told them to fabricate job histories, what they knew and what they worked on. Told them to just make it up, nobody can verify what you did. Use your friends as references and have them appear to be your ex-manager.

At some point the instructor took my friend on the side and asked him if he was a manager. The instructor told him he was a partner in a tech body shop and that if they hired guys from his shop he would kick $$ back to the manager on a monthly basis.

Basically this is what you are up against. This is what the IT job market has evolved into. I am not sure its like this  all over the country but its definitely like this in NJ which is Indian central on the east coast. I am pretty sure its like this on the west coast as well. Not sure about the center and south.

Americans enter the job market with the mindset that its open, fair AND HONEST. Everyone is told that your resume has to be forthright and honest. No exaggerations or lies. Dont make anything up and if you do you are horrible person and should be black balled.

Nobody takes you on the side and tells you how it really is - which is that you are completing against people who will LIE and fabricate ANYTHING to get that job. The idiots in HR and recruiting have to know that this is going on but dont seem to care. They will not hesitate to put the stones to an American with exhaustive work history and background checks but these people on visas are given a free pass. I dont get it.

So what do you do? You either do what they do or you will be left in the cold. I am of the opinion you could do the learning that pxsant suggest but you best have job history to back it up. If you dont have that job history you better fabricate it.

I also think the more niche you are, the better off you are. Be it a technology or industry. Sure there are a zillion Java openings but so what? That also means you are competing against everybody and his brother.

I am not sure this is the right approach. I got into PM years ago because I could see the writing on the wall with hands on IT work. This was around Y2K. Do I really want to compete with India for work both onshore and offshore? NOPE.

Learning is good, I will never put down anyone who wants to learn. So go forth and expand your brain.

However what I see with job hunting nowadays is companies only want to talk to you if you have done the exact same job they have open. They want a programmer that has done Python v123 but you only did Python v1, sorry we arent interested. Oh you worked in financial services but want to come to telecom, sorry we arent interested.

The idiots in HR wont talk to you nor the recruiters at the body shops. You have to be an exact match.

So where does that leave you? NO WHERE, thats where it leaves you. You have to do what the Indians do on their resumes, exaggerate, tell them whatever you want to hear. Otherwise its not happening.

The other thing is you need a niche that the Indians have not or cannot pour into. Examples: DoD work - unless you are an American citizen they wont talk to you. Jobs that require very good communication skills or niche technical skills they have not yet discovered.

The big buzzwords now are Big Data, Data Analytics, Functional programming - Haskal, etc... If you have this stuff you can pretty much find a job tomorrow.

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