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Personally, I don't think this course is meta enough.  :P

There should be courses on creating courses for people who wish to become trainers or coaches. In other words, who trains the expert coaches?

Another fine product of DoucheCo - liquidators of IRAs, pensions and 401Ks for today's income-desperate retirees.

There's infinite room for expansion of this concept. Lots of money to be siphoned offmade.

(admin note - I did copy & cutty pastey on the image memes thread. So the leading post here is a dupe of the one in the image memes thread. Just an experiment.)

Tuition is $6,700, inclusive of a $300 refundable deposit due at the time of application

This isn't the cost of a course that teaches you how to fish.

This is the cost of a course that teaches you how to teach others to fish for $$$ - quite lucrative.

They're probably setting you up with some branding swag that identifies you as a life coach in this area.

Discussions - Public / Re: instagram
« on: March 23, 2018, 09:47:12 am »
I see almost ALL social media follows and likes of public figures as a transfer of your dignity and power as a person. You're basically saying "I bow in your direction and you are important enough for me to interrupt my day and otherwise give you my attention."

I am worthwhile and it's rare that I get supposed peer *friend's* attention.

I'll be Goddamned if I'm going to give someone with all kinds of public attention my own head space.

I'll make my own private bookmark of such content so that nobody can use my like or follow information to bolster the spoiled social media celebrity's ego.

Discussions - Public / Re: instagram
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:16:45 pm »
That would be mildly redeeming.

Instagram is also where rich assholes post envy photos of their cars and possessions.

Basically, Instagram is the raw version of everything pathological about the human spirit.

Discussions - Public / Re: instagram
« on: March 22, 2018, 01:07:04 pm »
Yeah really.  ;D

My extensive cross-cultural knowledge of and insight into popular internet culture is a testament to two things: one, an ADD like compulsion to learn out of sheer boredom.

Two, probably systemic immaturity on my part.  :o  :P  I wish I were 25 or so and knew (and understood) the shit that I know now. Seriously. Also a compulsion to be part of a "scene" without really partaking, or something.

Discussions - Public / Re: instagram
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:57:46 am »
I am up to date. I watched Idiocracy.

2006 wants it's Mike judge comedy back  :P

Discussions - Public / Re: instagram
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:57:40 am »
You (and a few others here) really need to make the effort to stay informed.

Sometimes this place feels like an outpost of 1993.

Now, Instagram is picture based social media and is mainly for retards and narcissists.

And Snapchat is an instant messenger that is picture based, and the pictures allegedly expire (are removed from the system) in a short time frame like a minute or less once viewed.

There, you're up to date... not.

Discussions - Public / Re: Amusing or Outstanding Image Memes
« on: March 20, 2018, 07:43:15 pm »
I'm loving these, guys.  >:D

Discussions - Public / Re: Ok, So I Made Some Changes!
« on: March 20, 2018, 07:42:27 pm »
I could send a segfault, kernel panic or blue screen to your PC when you view the site. Just give the word.  >:D ;D

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Facebook's Data Breach
« on: March 20, 2018, 04:27:46 pm »
Guys, one thing.

Gathering per user as well as aggregate online social data is a widespread, common practice in e-marketing. EVERYONE does it. Also, the Trump campaign keeps getting mentioned proximate to older abusive data mining practices that they did not even use.

I had to pause the news tonight to explain to my wife that the lamestream is acting like this is a special evil thing that Trump did. In reality it's as common for selling cellphones or toilet paper as it is for political campaigns.

The entire fucking business world markets actively, and they buy whatever data they need in the process.

On the other hand, I've read anecdotally that the encryption used in Cryptkeeper is much weaker than the accepted state of the art.  I don't know about that. My gut feeling is that Cryptkeeper would be completely safe for storing tax and financial and personal records and other stuff.

But I like it because in addition to stability Cryptkeeper appears to be a well integrated part of the file system. The folder containing the virtual encrypted folder is under /home/someuser. When not in use (not mounted) this folder isn't available.

To use the encrypted volume you first run the command "cryptkeeper" which displays a key icon on one of the desktop panels. When you click that key you get a small dialog prompting you for the password. When you enter the correct password the volume is automatically mounted.

The authors planned for the base encrypted files to be backed up, restored, and manipulated as objects in their own right as necessary. Cryptkeeper has an import function to import another installation's encrypted files into storage on the computer.

Another bonus benefit:

Certain open source tools are MUCH better in stability and performance in Linux than they are in their comparable ports in Windows.

Specifically, The Gimp image tool. (A sort of open source Photoshop.)

In Windows the damned thing was crashing all of the time.

In Linux, the identical UI and features, but rock-solid.

Thanks, Benali.

Also, not using Firefox, which seemed to behave like a piece of buggy malware, was a positive move. Firefox on Linux is NOT my recommendation now. The developers are idiots and have tampered with a great ecosystem.

To add to my screed... after I stopped using Firefox, my system become much more responsive and quick. Firefox before the unusable (for me) recent Quantum release would stop and stall every few seconds during use. It made any kind of text entry extremely painful. I also observed that the CPU was pegged at around 15% CPU use just sitting idle but still having that damned browser running - and a constantly growing memory burden of up to 3-4 GB depending on how long I ran Firefox. (I know this for a fact because closing the browser caused both issues to cease until the next time I used FF.)

Moving to Pale Moon and avoiding the use of Firefox altogether has made the system much livelier and there is only the token idle CPU consumption now.

Also, check this out. I use the "inspector" tool in a browser quite often (it lets you peek at Javascript, HTML, and CSS in detail.) In Firefox they used to have an absolutely awesome inspector. After a certain release (I think v 48) the "3D" capability of the inspector was removed. Morons.

I NEED THAT to see what's going on when stuff gets hidden on a web page. Also it shows the association of page elements grouped inside DIV's and other container elements.

Dumb assh*les.


Pale Moon is Unfrozen Cave Man Firefox, basically.

Example (this site home viewed in Pale Moon 3d view):

^ My first theory was serious. The second was silly but possible. A third possibility:

Your employer wants the videos in order to have psychologists or HR-psychotherapy types view them either in order to diagnose pathologies in the business, or pathologies in individuals.

I put less weight on this because the edict isn't mandatory (yet.)

It's probably intended to have material for commercials and corporate backgrounder videos.

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