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The only place I have heard of $15/hr are 2 situations.   There was one company - don't remember the name - that hired remote people to do telephone support to consumers and SMB's at about that rate.   The second possibility is the techs who work at Best Buy.

The normal corporate pay scale for desktop support is about 50K a year for minimal experience support people.   People who support Linux servers, VM's and network stuff are paid a lot more.

The @260/hr stuff is absolutely bogus.   Looks like the guy forgot a decimal point or something.   The only time I have seen rates like that are very high level specialists who are well known in the industry.   One I recall was the son of the founder of a well known (to remain nameless) accounting software company.

For agencies where the consultants are paid $50 to $75 an hour, the agency typically bills $85 to $120/hr to the corporation.    In many big corporations, both the pay rate to consultants and the final billing rate are dictated by the corporation.

This rate is true and its in a fortune 500 company no less. My brother said a bunch of them have quite because of this. These are on site techs here in NJ. I could see this happening because of the h1b.

I don't know of a single specialty in IT today that bills at $260/hour. I see all the billing rates for every consultant where I am. This place is very transparent for some reason - all the consultants billing rates with names are regularly shown in meetings and what not. Even my own billing rate is right there for everyone to see. That being said I very, very rarely seen anyone billed much beyond $120/hour. The average rate its like 80-100/hour. Thats for all jobs - DBA, PM, BA and programmers.

Occasionally you will see some outlier being billed at something crazy like $500/hour and its some guy brought in to help the CEO. But its not common by any means.

Than I heard a story from a guy whom said he was billing a client $260 per hour direct bill. He said they were getting stock options, benefits, vacation, blah, blah + they work at home. I asked him what the product, skill set and geographic location. The guy wouldnt answer me which tells me he is full of shit.


If he receives even half what he's claiming, the fact that he won't say anything specific makes him an utterly commonplace, typical IT type, and that includes past colleagues who have been on this board.

"I earn a high rate but I'll never, ever share anything useful with you so you can improve your own circumstance. I have a personal religion of not helping, even if you've helped me in the past, sorry."

Let the Indians take over the industry in the US.The hell with "our" kind.

Agree with everything you wrote. F*CK these people in the face with a broken bottle. I think the guy is full of shit. No way even during the dot come era did I ever hear of rates like this.

As for the Indians taking over, they pretty much have. They have their own set of problems even amongst themselves. Its dog eat dog with them, they won't hesitate for a second to put the stones to their own kind for $$.

My brother told me this morning that the desktop support IT guys are being paid $15/hour here in the US. I could not believe it when I heard it but he said its true, several of them have quit because of it including a white S. African guy with whom he is friends. All of these guys have some kind of IT college degree.

I find it pretty amazing considering a UPS driver starts at $16/hour.

Than I heard a story from a guy whom said he was billing a client $260 per hour direct bill. He said they were getting stock options, benefits, vacation, blah, blah + they work at home. I asked him what the product, skill set and geographic location. The guy wouldnt answer me which tells me he is full of shit.

Where I am now I see all the billing rates for all the contractors and NOBODY is billing at that rate except temporary executives and people that are advisers to the CEO. I dont buy it.

Has anyone heard of anything like these two rates?

ilconsigliere,your anecdote about being courted for a job by that three letter car company makes perfect sense in this way:

As an employee you're rewarded for being in the template of the values of the business and for being an enthusiast and a techie in the business's line of work.

As a startup business owner, this tendency shoots you directly in the foot. You need to drop the great skills at --- cars, racing, car mods --- and take care of all the other crap that a car related business requires. While still selling excellent products.

This blog post and the "E-Myth" are both about retaining that love of subject matter when you start your own business. You have to let it go a bit if you want that business.

If you do that as an employee, you're looked on as burning out or alienated.

I agree with what you are saying. Your goal is sales and $$.

Point taken about the autism, ilconsigliere. :D But you know weaponized autism is a powerful force that serves your own fascist interests, too. :P

So I guess I communicated the core ideas well.

Guys, here's the deal with this article. I stated this and nobody really picked up on it.

This article is not intended specifically as helpful. It basically describes a problem that all small business owners must eventually deal with when they run a business that uses their own core talent.

This article is chicken soup for the overwhelmed small business owner.

I want visitors to get the idea that I'm on their side, I "get" how hard their chosen life is, and I'm here to help.

That alone, that in itself is my slimy agenda with this article. Not to clone "The E-Myth" ideas. I'm just using the E-Myth as a platform for this feelgood material.

I also wanted to agitate with envy and irritation by describing the dumb a$$-ho**s who earn so much more by being superficial sales types in the same lines of work.

And then reel the reader back in to reality by telling them how they can start to dig out.

I'm not writing this article for my freaking health or for writing brownie points. I want to "touch" my possible customers with the idea that I'm in their corner and I "get it."

I assume it does that, at least partially. What do you think?

I think if that was your intent it works.

First I am not an autist ;) - jack booted thug - yes, autist no  >:D . I read it, everything in it is true. I have met lots and lots of IT people who get stuck in the minutia instead of the big picture. On the other hand I have met lots of successful people who do ABC but are by no means passionate about ABC yet makes lots of $$.

Example that happened to me recently - I was talking to this friend about selling on Amazon. He is very, very smart, communicates well, nice guy. Hard core architect IT guy.

Instead of focusing on the part of buying stuff cheap in China and than reselling it on Amazon for maximum profit he was more interested in the technical mechanics of how the systems work and building a system to sell the widgets. He fundamentally did not get that with Amazon you are not building a system - you are using their system and are only acting as the middleman. He wanted to reinvent the wheel.

In his own words he doesn't code for the money, he codes because he likes to code. He and I get into these tough discussions because frankly all I care about is how to make money off of it.

Nice guy but I would never want him as a business partner because he is not focused on the money making part. He is only interested in the mechanics of the systems.

There are companies that violate what we are talking about but they are rare. Apple being an obvious one - Jobs and his soldiers were passionate about building the computers they sell. However I would not say that the current CEO and his lieutenants are anywhere near what Jobs was. Frankly I think the current CEO has deviated to far from Jobs philosophy. If Jobs was alive these people would be fired.

Another one was a famous German car company that I interviewed with (I don't want to put their name here because they can be very testy). The premiere one whom is at the top of the food chain. A number of years ago I interviewed there and I had the craziest interview I ever had. When I arrived at their building the first thing I realized almost every car in the parking lot was German. That was the start of it - in the lobby they had racing cars and engine blocks. I am a gear head and a German car guy (what a shock ;) ) so I was in heaven.

I interviewed with the VP of operations for N. America. He was a German national. His office was full of car stuff that you never see unless you work in a car company. Anyway when they brought me in - he asked me if I wanted coffee or tea or something to eat. I said no thank you and he still told the secretary to bring in the snack tray. I figured it was going to be really bad.

Than he took me over to a small table with chairs and he sat next to me. Than it started. He says - tell me about yourself? So I came out of the gate really hard - where I went to school, where I worked, what I had done, blah, blah. Typical corporate crap.

Next thing you know he looks up the ceiling like he is looking at the sky, puts his hands behind his head. He says nein, nein (no, no) thats not what I want to know. Tell me what do you are care about in life? What are you passionate about?

At that point I realized this was not a normal interview. So I said the hell with it - I told him I care about my family and friends, this country and am passionate about lots of things. He said what kind of things - I told him about my hobbies including the art & cars.

Than he asked me what kind of car I drove? I told him - a German one of course. He said how did it make you feel? I told him and than he took me for a walk around the building. He asked me if I ever raced? I said sure. He asked me if I liked to win? I said of course.

While we were walking he offered me the job. I was dumbfounded.

He said do you know why I asked you those questions? i said no - he said every person that works at this company from the CEO to the lowest paid clerk is a car enthusiast. We don't hire people who are NOT car enthusiasts. We want people whom are passionate about cars.

So it is possible to be an enthusiast and run a company. But I don't think its the norm.

BTW, I didn't end up taking the job because it was going to turn my life upside down as I had to move and my mother had cancer. I explained this to them and they said they understood and wished me and my mother luck. They told me if my situation ever changes to call them.

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You cant believe anything from the Federal Reserve. These are the same people that have the most bizarre inflation and unemployment calculations known to man. They literally make no sense. Realize that that the Fed has caused every recession and depression via them messing with the money supply.

Here in the PRNJ (People's Republic of NJ) I am not seeing any recovery at least not in IT. The IT job market here has been stagnant for years. It has never stopped being stagnant. Basically everywhere you go now the entire IT department is foreigners.

Though my client has recently posted external job ads. I was told that they got 3000 resumes for 5 openings. I submitted on one and got nothing even though I work there. I know the Wall Street guys (traders and investment bankers) are doing very well. Not so the IT people though in their companies.

What I am seeing though is the real estate market is very hot. I have some friends that are realtors and as soon as a house is put on the market people are bidding them up. The market here for houses that are below 600K is crazy. A normal sized house (not a mcmansion) in a very good town will sell in literally 3-4 days. Even houses in not as good towns are selling quick. A lot of this is being driven by millennials and speculators.

Realize that the cost of houses in NJ is very high relative to most of the country except for places like CA and DC which it seems to be about the same.

I use Imgur for everything as its free and they dont seem to delete anything.

Photobucket can pound their web site in their ass now that they started blocking image linking without paying.

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