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Discussions - Public / Discuss State Of Smart Phone Photography
« on: April 17, 2018, 06:30:22 pm »
I have been an amateur photographer for many years. Had my DSLR, lenses as well as the point and shoot for when I didn't want to carry the DSLR. This I can say the ability of the smart phones has now reached a very impressive level. There is almost no point in buying a separate camera.

I only discovered this recently as I could not be bothered with the smartphones and felt that they were inferior to a real camera. That is still true to some degree today but nowhere near like it was. Take a look at these articles and look at the level of photography taken with a smart phone. Its not a DSLR but its pretty dam close. For most people this is way beyond what they will ever do.

Amazing pictures from a phone:

Basically the smart phone has decimated the point and shoot part of the camera industry. Sure there are some things a real camera does better but nowhere near like it used to be. The sensors and software on the phones is advancing so fast that with a smart phone you literally have a photo studio in your pocket.

Lets discuss this.


I am loving the expression on his face when they asked him about the censorship against conservatives including among other Catholics, Republicans, Baptists, etc.... Than when they asked him how they make money selling people's data I almost laughed myself to death.

I got an email a few weeks ago from one of the higher ups asking that each of us make a 1 minute to 5 minute video bio of ourselves. They told us that the video is voluntary but they would like everyone to do it. After several weeks and being sent to 150+ people only 10 people have done it. I found these statements in the original email hysterical:

" If you are able to do a 1 minute to 5 minute video"
" Employees + Contractors – We all are ONE Team "
" Especially for Contractors who will NOT be at this event "

Daily reminder - I am not perm, dont get benefits, dont get vacation and the only reason I am here is for $$$. I am not your "friend". I will be on your team till the day you decide you dont want to pay me any longer. Than poof, just like that I am not there any longer and am no longer your "friend".

This morning I got another email that they were giving us one more chance to do it by extending the deadline 3 days. That was followed by an email stating that they wanted 75% participation.

Can this guy take the hint - NOBODY wants to do it. Not the employees and definitely not the contractors. Here is the list of what they want with my responses:

Introducing yourself stating –

o   Who you are

If you don’t know who I am then we’re in bigger sh*t than I thought

o   What area and project you support

If you don’t already know this then we don’t work together and it doesn’t matter

o   Where are you based out of

Uh, 1. check the corporate directory, 2. why does it matter since everything is ‘global’ anyway?

o   One interesting fact about you

I seriously dislike “fake” networking via social media and especially video.

o   Your hobbies and/or your passion and if time permitting

Uh, I don’t have any time for hobbies and if I did I wouldn’t share them with colleagues I’ve never met in person let alone tell them in a video that could end up who knows where in which to be trolled

o   Why you enjoy working here

Uh, I don’t actually enjoy working here. Show me 1 person who does and I’ll show you someone who is more fake than network news.

This is basically forced social networking. I am not doing it as I have concerns of what may happen with the video. No thanks. As we all know, once you post something online you lose all control of the content.


This quote about sums it up:

"Linux also, like the Mac is more of a religion where Linux followers praise new features that actually make the user experience worse. The community behaves more like a cult and seems completely disconnected from the reality of making something productive.

Linux is free and is actually not even worth what you pay for it. That’s why people actually are willing to pay for something else. If Linux paid you to take it it wouldn’t be any more popular than it is now."

These idiots need to standardize one one GUI, one way to install software and be done with it. Nobody needs 30 versions of something that you have to figure out how to make it work.

This would be equivalent of a company that makes socket tools having different ways of attaching the sockets for no reason other than vanity.

Discussions - Public / Bitcoin Crashing?
« on: February 01, 2018, 11:13:42 am »

Is this being done to shake out the suckers ?

Remember that Google employee named Damore that was fired at Google awhile back because they didn't like the things he said. Well now he is suing them. You should read the stuff that is in his suit. Google really is an echo chamber.

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