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My brother told me this morning that the desktop support IT guys are being paid $15/hour here in the US. I could not believe it when I heard it but he said its true, several of them have quit because of it including a white S. African guy with whom he is friends. All of these guys have some kind of IT college degree.

I find it pretty amazing considering a UPS driver starts at $16/hour.

Than I heard a story from a guy whom said he was billing a client $260 per hour direct bill. He said they were getting stock options, benefits, vacation, blah, blah + they work at home. I asked him what the product, skill set and geographic location. The guy wouldnt answer me which tells me he is full of shit.

Where I am now I see all the billing rates for all the contractors and NOBODY is billing at that rate except temporary executives and people that are advisers to the CEO. I dont buy it.

Has anyone heard of anything like these two rates?


We arent going to need the illegals very soon. Oh you want to increase minimum wage to some obscene amount - I will just buy these.


As this is coming from the Harvard Business Review you can believe that the executives in companies are going to be paying attention. This bullshit flows down to companies.

Basically its more "Talent Management" bullshit. Its just more nonsense and a way to manipulate the employees so you can pay them less.

Sample below:


Pay is changing as well. A simple adaptation to agile work, seen in retail companies such as Macy’s, is to use spot bonuses to recognize contributions when they happen rather than rely solely on end-of-year salary increases. Research and practice have shown that compensation works best as a motivator when it comes as soon as possible after the desired behavior. Instant rewards reinforce instant feedback in a powerful way. Annual merit-based raises are less effective, because too much time goes by.

Patagonia has actually eliminated annual raises for its knowledge workers. Instead the company adjusts wages for each job much more frequently, according to research on where market rates are going. Increases can also be allocated when employees take on more-difficult projects or go above and beyond in other ways. The company retains a budget for the top 1% of individual contributors, and supervisors can make a case for any contribution that merits that designation, including contributions to teams.

Compensation is also being used to reinforce agile values such as learning and knowledge sharing. In the start-up world, for instance, the online clothing-rental company Rent the Runway dropped separate bonuses, rolling the money into base pay. CEO Jennifer Hyman reports that the bonus program was getting in the way of honest peer feedback. Employees weren’t sharing constructive criticism, knowing it could have negative financial consequences for their colleagues. The new system prevents that problem by “untangling the two, ” Hyman says.

DigitalOcean redesigned its rewards to promote equitable treatment of employees and a culture of collaboration. Salary adjustments now happen twice a year to respond to changes in the outside labor market and in jobs and performance. More important, DigitalOcean has closed gaps in pay for equivalent work. It’s deliberately heading off internal rivalry, painfully aware of the problems in hypercompetitive cultures (think Microsoft and Amazon). To personalize compensation, the firm maps where people are having impact in their roles and where they need to grow and develop. The data on individuals’ impact on the business is a key factor in discussions about pay. Negotiating to raise your own salary is fiercely discouraged. And only the top 1% of achievement is rewarded financially; otherwise, there is no merit-pay process. All employees are eligible for bonuses, which are based on company performance rather than individual contributions. To further support collaboration, DigitalOcean is diversifying its portfolio of rewards to include nonfinancial, meaningful gifts, such as a Kindle loaded with the CEO’s “best books” picks.

How does DigitalOcean motivate people to perform their best without inflated financial rewards? Matt Hoffman, its vice president of people, says it focuses on creating a culture that inspires purpose and creativity. So far that seems to be working. The latest engagement survey, via Culture Amp, ranks DigitalOcean 17 points above the industry benchmark in satisfaction with compensation.

Discussions - Public / Why smartphone cameras are blowing our minds
« on: May 09, 2018, 04:47:15 am »

My observation is that they are getting better and better. Not a DSLR but they are pretty dam good.


I have a friend whom is a fireman who said he wont touch them if there is an accident. There is all kinds of special bullshit you have to do to deactivate the power. Very dangerous.

Discussions - Public / Decline of Geek Online Discussion
« on: May 06, 2018, 08:01:20 am »
Its ridiculous to not talk to others if you don't agree with them politically.  There are so many other things to talk about.

So, let's talk about them. Small business, contracting, self improvement, anything except the dismal commentary on Trump, Syria, the deep state, Facebook's meddling, etc.

I'm hypothesizing that this individual (whose opinions I highly respected) had that issue with the board and won't say because he doesn't want to engage.

I could be ENTIRELY wrong, too.

The point of my post was I'm not going to give attention to someone else's efforts as a marketer and support them if they don't show an iota of friendship.

I've supported way too many individuals in my career without anyone ever supporting me.

The cheapest assed excuse I hear repeatedly is the ass covering lie "I was just thinking about calling you!" No, you didn't and were not thinking of calling me. You weren't going to call me in a million years.

The world would be a better place if people were not so butt covering and would admit that they are disengaged and lazy.

The problem is people don't really want to talk about anything. For someone to put you on a mailing list and than not give you 2 minutes to take you off says to me MEGA DOUCHE.

I think this board is slowly dying. Not sure what the problem is any more.

All Technology & Tech Help / Discuss State Of Smart Phone Photography
« on: April 17, 2018, 06:30:22 pm »
I have been an amateur photographer for many years. Had my DSLR, lenses as well as the point and shoot for when I didn't want to carry the DSLR. This I can say the ability of the smart phones has now reached a very impressive level. There is almost no point in buying a separate camera.

I only discovered this recently as I could not be bothered with the smartphones and felt that they were inferior to a real camera. That is still true to some degree today but nowhere near like it was. Take a look at these articles and look at the level of photography taken with a smart phone. Its not a DSLR but its pretty dam close. For most people this is way beyond what they will ever do.

Amazing pictures from a phone:

Basically the smart phone has decimated the point and shoot part of the camera industry. Sure there are some things a real camera does better but nowhere near like it used to be. The sensors and software on the phones is advancing so fast that with a smart phone you literally have a photo studio in your pocket.

Lets discuss this.


I am loving the expression on his face when they asked him about the censorship against conservatives including among other Catholics, Republicans, Baptists, etc.... Than when they asked him how they make money selling people's data I almost laughed myself to death.

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