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It has 8 GB currently as 2 x 4. I think it does max out at 32 GB.

There should be 4 memory slots.  I would leave the existing 2 4's and get 2 8's for the other 2 slots.   4's are pretty hard to come by and wouldn't be much cheaper than  8's.  That would give you 24 or 16 with a spare 8 just in case of a failure.

All of my reburbs are business class HP's.   The box you picked "HP 8300 with an Intel 3rd generation i5 CPU (3470, 3.2 ghz, quad core)"  is a really nice machine.  It should give your wife years of service - IF Microsoft doesn't screw things up.

How much memory does it have?   With Win 10 I would hope for at least 16 Gig.   That box should have a max of either 32 gig or 64 gig, don't remember which.

All I usually buy are refurbs, whether desktops or laptops.   I have had good experiences with all of them.

My opinion on Windows 10, however, is different.   It is an absolute piece of trash IMO.   Much slower than Windows 7.   Lots of luck trying to turn off updates.   I have tried everything I can including You/tube videos and MS still does forced updates whether you have them turned off or not.   The machine in question is a Dell laptop purchased new.   It should be the fastest machine I have but it is dog slow because of all the crap going on under the covers with Windows 10.   I am seriously thinking of blowing everything away and installing Windows 7.

The only place I have heard of $15/hr are 2 situations.   There was one company - don't remember the name - that hired remote people to do telephone support to consumers and SMB's at about that rate.   The second possibility is the techs who work at Best Buy.

The normal corporate pay scale for desktop support is about 50K a year for minimal experience support people.   People who support Linux servers, VM's and network stuff are paid a lot more.

The @260/hr stuff is absolutely bogus.   Looks like the guy forgot a decimal point or something.   The only time I have seen rates like that are very high level specialists who are well known in the industry.   One I recall was the son of the founder of a well known (to remain nameless) accounting software company.

For agencies where the consultants are paid $50 to $75 an hour, the agency typically bills $85 to $120/hr to the corporation.    In many big corporations, both the pay rate to consultants and the final billing rate are dictated by the corporation.

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Udemy
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:06:52 am »
The next time you post a link to a sale on Udemy the first course I buy will be "doing your own 12-step program to recover from course buying addiction."

Tell me about it.  Over the years I have bought 99 courses and only done about 1/3 of them!

Discussions - Public / Re: so how is the economy?
« on: May 30, 2018, 04:15:58 pm »
It's going to take years to recover from the beating we took in 2008 and lack of good paying jobs since then.  Hopefully, that is coming back.  As the baby boomers retire, hopefully those jobs will go to American workers. We should keep the good paying jobs for Americans.

You are dreaming.   What good paying jobs are you talking about?    We are on a downhill slide regardless of what the stats say.   The unemployment raw numbers have dropped but what they don't tell you is the fact that the jobs out there are at a significantly lower wage than they were a few years ago.   Many people can't survive on what they make now.  And many people have simply dropped out of the workforce and are no longer counted in the unemployment numbers.

Also, American workers??  These large corporations don't give a rat's behind about American workers.   At the bank where I currently consult, I am one of the rare Americans there.   Most of the people are from India.

I am very close to hanging it up with corporate America.   I am simply fed up with the thieves that run these corporations.

They can work around the clock, no breaks or benefits. They would quickly pay for themselves.

They already have those type of robots.  Look at any automobile manufacturing plant or, for that matter, any other type of manufacturing.  Much of the assembly is done by robots.

Now the type of robot you see in the YouTube movies, i.e. the B. dynamics units - the severely limiting issue with them is the power supply.  They can't currently run for more than a few minutes at a time.  To be viable they would need something like a very small nuclear power unit that would last for months or years.

FTE, Job and Career Discussion / Re: Short term projects?
« on: May 01, 2018, 07:26:47 am »
Your experience has unfortunately become the norm in many large corporations.   I was just on a 2+ year project with a major big bank that lasted all of 4 months before they scrapped it and got rid of more than 100 people - some of them full-time employees with years at the bank.  High-level banking knowledge is very hard to come by yet they dumped these experienced people as f they were road trash.

The problem is the lack of knowledge and poor capabilities of the people at the top.   They try every newfangled thing that comes down the road (like agile) without having a clue of how to do it.   The worker bees are fine but the top level management types are idiots.   They will burn down an operation and then get credit for saving money on a failed project which they created.

Don't get discouraged.   Shrug it off and move on to the next one.   Once and a while you will find a jewel where the high-level people actually kow what they are doing.

BTW are these large corporations or small fry where your projects crashed?

Discussions - Public / Re: So the FedGov is closed today
« on: March 21, 2018, 05:43:18 am »
This morning my car was covered with a couple of inches of ice.  It took a while before I could even open the driver's side door to start the car and run the heater/defroster.   They are predicting up to a foot of snow during the day today - really nice springtime weather!

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Brother-in-law's computer got hacked
« on: March 07, 2018, 08:22:48 am »
Wait a minute.  If he is on a corporate VPN this a much bigger problem whether the company realizes that or not.   On a corporate VPN, his system is nothing but a thin client.  When he is in outlook, he is on the VPN so anything he opens is opened at the corporate level.   He sees the open email on his thin client but Outlook and the actual email are open in the VPN space.

If he boots from scratch and never connects to the VPN, does he still have a problem locally?   Can he go out on the Internet over his own provider without the VPN active?

Depending on the answers, the issue could be restricted locally or the corporate servers could be the infection issue.


Let me modify that a bit.   He may not be operating as a thin client after all.   With a standard VPN, he is probably connecting to remote servers as if they were local but all his apps including Outlook are probably installed locally.  So when he opens an email, it is local, not remote.

It depends on how his connection exists - e.g. if he is using Citrix it is different than a VPN.

His only option is to get his laptop back to the support people to have it checked out and reimaged.  The best option is if they ship him a replacement FEDEX and he can return the old one.

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: Brother-in-law's computer got hacked
« on: March 07, 2018, 07:05:47 am »
Does he work for a major corporation?   If so, they will just reimage the system.  That process does a bit level reimage so anything which was on there will be gone.

If it is a smaller corporation, all bets are off.    Unless they have a good process for reimaging a system, they may not be able to get rid of the infection.

I hope he had his work stored out on the corporate network and not locally.

"Americans enter the job market with the mindset that its open, fair AND HONEST."

There is nothing fair and honest about the US job market, especially with HR acting as gatekeepers.  They are a huge obstacle in the way of having your resume in front of the hiring manager.

It is pretty easy to verify employment history and references on people who live and work in the US.  Verifying anything on H1B's and people who just got off the boat is virtually impossible.  It could take weeks to months to get verification back and the US HR drones know that so they don't bother.  So foreigners have a clear advantage - aside from the low cost to the employer.

So you have to learn how to work the system to get past HR and to the hiring manager where you at least have a chance.

ID I agree with you on one part.    You really do need to build something which has some practical application so you can show it during an interview.   I would host whatever it is myself instead of using AWS.

I do appreciate your advice.  However, I disagree with you on the book vs video courses part to some extent.   Video courses would be faster and easier to do than reading a book on the subject.   I am limited in the time I can spend on this and I have set a personal deadline on being fully functional on the subject within 90 days.  The only way I can make that timeline work is through the video courses.    It is just too tedious reading a book and trying to apply that in practice.  The video courses do take you through the practical part of building something aside from the theory.  Reference books will come later.

In looking at courses on Udemy on Python and Hadoop, I see some interesting stats.

One of the courses I had previously looked at is from a guy named Frank Kane.  He has 84 courses on Udemy.   Just the one I looked at on Python has 53986 students.  Even if you figure a low average price of $15, Frank grossed more than $809K on just this one course.

I just looked at one of Frank's courses on Hadoop and it has 34621 students grossing around $520K.

I don't know what Udemy's cut is but Frank has apparently made millions by having video courses on Udemy.

Guys and gals, what the hell are we doing??   If you want the ultimate work from home gig, work up some courses on whatever you can think of and post them on Udemy.

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