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Chrome is honoring the hosts file now.   It didn't before, even after I typed ipconfig /flushdns as administrator.  Don't really care to investigate what's going on.  Must be some other type of caching other than what flushdns fixes.

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: So anyway, about Facebook...
« on: April 07, 2018, 03:50:55 pm »
I  see FB being a self evidently fertile feeding ground for influencing people.

People on Facebook who cultivate their personal Facebook image and who buy into the culture deeply are vulnerable to influence and manipulation. Since they themselves have already selected themselves to be manipulated.

I'm saying that the cheap thrill aspect of the "Facebook dopamine rush" is only one sliver of the entire environment.

At 1:02:00 - 1:04:00 there is a presentation by Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica, telling how his company boosted Ted Cruz's positive rating from  < 5% to 35% in the 2016 presidential primaries, and then went on to support the Trump campaign after Cruz dropped out.
Nix says at 1:03:48 that his company has "4-5,000 data points on every adult in the U.S.".   

The method was apparently to psychologically profile people on FB and then send them news messages to get them motivated enough to vote.  Nix said, for example, that potential Cruz voters were fed gun rights news to get them to support Cruz more.

I'm not being partisan because Democrats used FB as a source of psychographic data to persuade voters.  It's the current big data way of doing what campaigners have done all along with primitive door-to-door canvassing.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, they didn't have Cambridge Analytica as a consultant.


I read somewhere that Musk is bankrolling the free viewing.

There are clips from Robocop to drive home the point of what could happen when autonomous weapon systems that are under development by the military turn rogue.  That would include drones, pilotless aircraft and all the scary robots that Boston Dynamics keeps rolling out.

Tai, the Microsoft Twitter chatbot which turned into a misanthropic racist monster after 24 hours is mentioned.

Around 21:00 a strong Luddite pitch starts.  Robots and AI-based information systems are going to take away jobs from both blue and white collar workers.

At 29:44 there is a VERY WEIRD AND SCARY  Japanese (who else) android named Erica.  If there was ever an uncanny valley effect, Erica demonstrates it.  The uncanny valley effect is that to the degree an android looks and acts human we will become repelled by it.

Erica looks friendly enough most of the time, but every so often there is an unnatural jerk or psychopathic look in her eyes which is truly terrifying.

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytics fiasco came about apparently while the documentation was in production and they gleefully incorporated it.

Facebook is said to be just the sort of thing of how AI will destroy humanity.  It's not that AI has anything personal against humans, it's just that AI is goal-directed and if humans get in the way, then bye bye humans.   Facebook's example is that the goal is to enhance social interaction.  One interviewee described a resonance effect with people being fed self-affirming information feeds from like-minded people and fake news so that eventually a mirror is built for them by Facebook in which they figuratively gaze into and ask “Who is the fairest of them all?" and you get back,  "You, you after all!” 

Thus, Facebook purportedly diminishes people while manipulating them into yielding to Facebook (a symbol for all its AI algorithms) information so that they can be commercially exploited.

An interesting take on personality characterization is described by who said that in the old days psychometric analysis was done with questionnaires.  Nowadays it's much more effective to gather online posting, searching, buying and browsing data and analyze it with a neural network to gain personality insights. does this and it accurately described some my personality based on my postings on this board. 

At the end of video Musk apparently gives up trying to stop or regulate AI and says the only answer is to merge with it, as in if can't fight 'em, join 'em.  Not sure what he has in mind, though.  It was kind of left as a hanging, open question.   Everything Musk said before is that AI will attain superintelligence and that it will be impossible to get it to play nice.

I just gave something 5 stars.  I think you have to balance your reviews.  Too many 1-stars and you may not be taken seriously.

I've just done my part and submitted a 1-star review for a really shitty product I received from Amazon.  Also, since the product was not what was advertised I left the seller a 1-star feedback.   >:(

There have been other things on Amazon. I no longer leave reviews for anyone. I dont care and its a waste of time.

The open question being begged is, why create unpaid content that benefits very rich companies?

I don't leave many reviews -- only if I am very pleased or very pissed about something.  I look at it as a community service.


When I shop for something seriously, I look first at the MOST NEGATIVE reviews. Because, as a mature intelligent adult, I know that N-O-T-H-I-N-G is perfect. Nothing. I WANT TO KNOW THE FLAWS. Negative reviews calibrate me on what to expect in real life.

Same here.  I immediately go to 1-star reviews and then work my way up to 3-stars.  If there is no agreement about flaws or possible show-stoppers I then proceed to look at the positive reviews.

All Technology & Tech Help / Chrome Browser not respecting Hosts File?
« on: March 27, 2018, 09:45:28 am »

(Browsers: So figure out where Chrome or whatever obtains extra DNS information from, if it's not the hosts file. That's a surprise to me because the internet and routing stuff is the layer beneath the app layer, which would be Chrome or other browser.)

Also, notice:

Try clearing the DNS Cache:

1) run cmd.exe as administrator

2) type: ipconfig /flushdns

Sorry, missed that one. I had already tried that too. I just tried again though, but no luck. I'll add that to my original post. – Nick Petrie Mar 7 '1

Personally, I don't think this course is meta enough.  :P
There should be courses on creating courses for people who wish to become trainers or coaches. In other words, who trains the expert coaches?

This organization does something extremely meta.

They say they "evaluate credentials verification operations", so apparently they verify credential verifiers in the healthcare space.

Tuition is $6,700, inclusive of a $300 refundable deposit due at the time of application

This isn't the cost of a course that teaches you how to fish.

This is the cost of a course that teaches you how to teach others to fish for $$$ - quite lucrative.

They're probably setting you up with some branding swag that identifies you as a life coach in this area.
That's what it is.  I found out about this because I got a Meetup notification that announced a  "Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program 2019" in my area.  and are prominent Buddhist authors and teachers who between them have written a ton of books.  Not sure how they are involved with Greater Good Science Center, Sounds True and Awarenesss Training Institute.    It would be the equivalent of some well-known, legitimate Christian writer and teacher, like C.S. Lewis, sponsoring a program to certify "Prayer teachers".   At least that's how I look at it.

Maybe this thread should be moved somewhere else.  It's starting to get into social commentary territory, or a rant.


Tuition is $6,700, inclusive of a $300 refundable deposit due at the time of application

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« on: March 23, 2018, 10:35:26 am »

Tuition is $6,700, inclusive of a $300 refundable deposit due at the time of application

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: instagram
« on: March 22, 2018, 12:48:58 pm »
You (and a few others here) really need to make the effort to stay informed.

Eh...?  What's that you say? 

Discussions - Public / Re: Amusing or Outstanding Image Memes
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:26:59 am »

All Technology & Tech Help / Re: How To Block Facebook Via Hosts File
« on: March 21, 2018, 07:44:41 am »
Chrome ignores the hosts file on my PC.  IE and Firefox use it.

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