Author Topic: Messengers - viber, telegram, whatsapp, etc?  (Read 147 times)


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Messengers - viber, telegram, whatsapp, etc?
« on: March 05, 2018, 04:10:42 pm »

Anybody use these mobile device messengers such as viber and telegram? Whatsapp is supposedly the most popular in the world.
Signal is endorsed by Snowden and it replaces your standard text messenger but I am not sure if they charge you for international messaging, or it's free. It appears to be free as voice-over-IP, not a text message.

All of them are encrypted.

Most if not all of these have desktop versions.

The advantage is, stuck in an international airport somewhere, you can send messages for free instead of paying so many cents per minute for a text or phone call. Yeah, you can also make free phone calls via viber and the rest of them. Whatsapp does video.
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