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Manhunt on Netflix


It's the series about the Unabomb set in the mid 90's of course. (Note the correct spelling, later changed by Media to Unabomber)

But that's not what I am writing about. I am writing about the hazardous work conditions for the contractor, the linguistics guy who was analyzing the manifesto. Good God, it's just like IT.  I think the show nailed it to a "T".  They tell him he is a piece of sheet every other day and replaceable, and even after he cracks they case, they are skeptical.

The irony of it all he goes living in the woods after catching the Unabomb (minus the bombs)

Plus tons of linguistics, which I love.

Watch it!!!

I D Shukhov:
Think I will.  Thanks.


The whole vibe to it is very IT-ish.

I don't know how people keep up with all the various movies, I cannot keep up with Netflix. And I have amazon prime and cable.
I never watch cable.


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