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Amazing Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Now Jumps and Rotates in Mid Air

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We arent going to need the illegals very soon. Oh you want to increase minimum wage to some obscene amount - I will just buy these.

I D Shukhov:
The military is probably paying attention to these robots.  They might be the combat soldiers of the future.

Just like that Netflix episode.

From Black Mirror

They can work around the clock, no breaks or benefits. They would quickly pay for themselves.

Well, have you checked how much they actually cost at this point?

How much they cost to run per hour?


They were computers where in 1961. Yeah, we had these huge computers that cost mega-millions and 1MB of storage that was a million, etc and they just did not become dominant or household items until what? Early 1980's, if that?

IMO we are a full generation from a full integration of these things into our society. Maybe 2 generations.  You can safely assume nobody on this forum will live in a Black Mirror type movie script.


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