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Re: The STEM scam
« Reply #15 on: September 04, 2015, 03:55:02 pm »
Trump is the only candidate that is talking about bringing jobs back to America, nationalism, and controlling our immigration and visa programs. Our government gave the prosperity of this nation away over the past 20 years and its time to take it back.  I think Trump would do that with no apologies.

Dream on. He will have as much impact as King Canute did over the tide He will have a bankrupt government trying to stop the flow of trillions of dollars.

About the only way he will have is to take us to war.

Maybe its a dream, maybe not.  It isn't that herculean of a task if there is the will to do it.  All he has to do is enforce our existing immigration and visa laws and implement e-verify.  Just that would make a huge difference in this country when it comes to jobs.

Whoever the next president is will start out with an almost bankrupt country thanks to the poor decisions made by the past two presidents.  I don't see him as a war monger.  He is a master negotiator and I think he considers renegotiating our trade deals so the US gets the upper hand a real challenge to his expertise.  He's in this for the glory.  Trump has a huge ego and IMO, glory is his motivation.  He wants to be "the one" to bring this country back.  He wants to be better than Reagan.  That is the legacy he wants.

Everyone has said all along, oh, he'll never run, he'll never last, he'll run third party, he isn't credible and look, he is ahead in every poll and gaining more support everyday, across party lines.

A lot can change between now and the election, but he has forced every candidate that is running to talk about the tough issues instead of fluffing them over like they usually do.  Yes, he is the skunk at the garden party, but his brutal honesty has shaken up our entire political process.  It needs that.

CW, Trump could have made more money with investing, definitely.  His father was in real estate and that gave him his start, but he wasn't satisfied with that.  He wanted to be great.  It wasn't about just money for him, its about greatness, his brand.  This is an interesting article about Trump that gives a little insight into how carefully he has built his empire over the years