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Re: Rural Sourcing Inc.
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I bet the same geniuses who thought up sea-code came up with

A three hour tour.... a three hour tour....
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Re: Rural Sourcing Inc.
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Party with other Code cruisers at 10 different bars and night clubs.

You wake up and find yourself on the sea-code ship.   ???

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Re: Rural Sourcing Inc.
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That's actually pretty scary stuff. There have been a number of real life cases where engineers were kidnapped by criminal cartels and forced to work for them.

Here's an article covering 36 incidents of engineers enslaved in Mexico to work for drug traffickers, including one case that occurred across international borders: an engineer minding his own business in Texas found himself snatched and dragged off to no man's land in another country:

If they don't like your work they cut off your head and kill your family. If they do like your work they cut off your head but don't kill your family.

What do do? If traveling outside the western world, never tell anyone you have tech skills. Say you are a telephone magazine salesman or McDonalds manager or something like that. And don't live near the Mexican border, working as an engineer, and publicly known as such. So forget those Austin jobs. Not worth it.

Here's some Indian engineers in Nigeria whose skills were needed by ISIS types:

Whoever organized that terrible sea-code project is still out there somewhere today, lurking. If not running a slave ship, running a slave shop instead. Indentured engineers under his thumb one way or another since it was clearly an obsession of his. Maybe when they don't need their services any more, they simply sell their organs, for some additional profit. To defend against this, we should all consider committing to destroying our livers so our organs are useless to them. Bottom's up!
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